Owner, Korey Wells based in the US, has been flying since he was 10 years old. He flys airplanes ranging from Piper Cubs to WWII fighters. He has owned and operated a charter company and provided corporate pilot services, ferried airplanes across the North Atlantic and around the US, competed in the international aerobatic club and races in the Unlimited division of the Reno National Championship Air Races. Korey has restored and flys and maintains, Pitts specials, Beech-18's, Hawker Sea Furies and a Messershmitt ME262 replica.

Vintage Air Service

Has over 30 years experience operating, managing, restoring and maintaining aircraft like the Pitts Special, Beech 18 and Warbirds like the venarable North American P-51 Mustang, North American AT-6 Hawker Sea Fury and the Messershmitt ME262 (reproduction) just to name a few.


John Dodd based in the UK, is a Captain for British Airways, he is a display and instructor pilot in the North American AT-6, North American P-51, Spitfire, DC-3 (Dakota), BAC Jet Provost, De havilland Vampire and Venom. John ferries aircraft around the UK, Europe and the US. John has made several North Atlantic crossings in Beech 18's and DC-3's. John operates and manages WWII aircraft throughout the UK and Europe.

Jon Coley, based in the UK, is Chief Pilot and Director of flight operations for a premier aviation company that operates corporate piston twins, turbo props, corporate jets and antique and vintage aircraft. Jon is also a display and instructor pilot in the De havilland Vampire, BAC Jet Provost and Gloster Meteor. Jon also holds a type rating in the Howard 500.